Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Sketch Project

Here's a project that I fear. It's the kind of project that I keep on saying I'd like to do or one that I'd love to fulfill. For some reason, I've never really pursued this. There were some false starts a few years ago, coming in and out of habits. What I realized is that ... it's that I fear myself in this.

I fear that I won't be able to do or finish. I fear I won't be able to deliver. But I realize something. It's something that I really need to grow out of... "Perfection"

Working in Liferay, designing, and hopefully innovating has led me to this point. This point that perfection isn't attainable. That perfection is only a point of utter tolerance for me as an artist. I've spoken with my lead about this, Nate (@natecavanaugh), and he's mentioned this idea twice to me:

"Every artist has one hundred thousand bad drawings in them, the sooner an artist is able to get them out, the sooner the artist is able to really produce something worthwhile."

I may be paraphrasing a bit here. I feel as though he's right. There really has got to be a point that as a being who is inclined to create, I need to keep creating. I need to start drawing. I need to draw without hesitation. I need to draw without intended perfection. Simply, I need to draw.

Old Man on Bus Stop 10-30-05

A sketch from 2005

I remember when I was young and learning how to draw. Learning how to see in a way I could render lines rather the illusion of depth. I learned about form and how I'm really seeing things in the presence of light. The whole process of learning involved many mistakes. Looking back, I feel as though as I got "better," I was less willing to make mistakes. As though making mistakes made me a bad artist. I feel as though pride had taken it's toll on me, and now, I'm humbled. Moreover, I'm humbled because I don't feel as though I would have the skill that I have today if not for God.

So, I'm committing to this... Starting with a drawing a week, or a few sketches here and there... I just need to start doing. I'll try to post progress or failure if any. The one thing I know from all this is that I'm negative one hundred thousand drawings away from being me.

Visit the Projects site for updates. I've already written a manifesto for this project. Let me know here or there what you think.


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