Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lately Music

I recently read an aquaintance's recent blog post about the music she's been listening to. I was reminded of my post earlier last year, "Sounds I've Been Listening To," and I thought it'd be a great idea to write about music once again.

When I think about music, it reminds me of food. I don't feel as though I can ever get away from music. There's sound all around me. It echoes in my ear. I'll hear the wind speak and the water drops. There's a rhythm there, I'll be familiar with it. When I'm without it, I feel as though life would be less experienced, in knowing there are these unseen forces that would compel me to feel alive.

In a sense, music to me is like food. I feed on it, I gnaw on it's meaning, the ideas it presents me. My relationship to it is as a means to an end, of enjoyment and enlightenment. Music is also quite communal, like food. We can prepare ingredients for sophisticated dishes, or the simplest feast. We can experience the food together. I know that we can do the same for music. We can participate in hymns and worship, or the most derelict of songs. The opportunity to be in community, and relationship with each other through both artistic forms, food and music, are ever so present in our day to day.

I feel as though I've lost myself in some thought again. It'd be a good time to re-focus on what I'd originally intended on writing of... these are the sounds that feed me.

La Liste de Musique

(Pardon the French, I felt it appropriate.)

Unlike my previous list, I want to keep my critique of the music brief and let the artists speak for themselves. These are the sounds I've been listening to lately (in no particular order):

The Barr Brothers

The Barr Brothers

Photo by: Andre Guerette

This band feels like a strange anomaly. Here are a few song suggestions:



Photo by: Portia

I think everyone knows Feist... right? I've been enjoying her latest album Metals recently.

  • How Come You Never Go There
  • The Bad in Each Other

Joe Pug


Photo by Your's Truly... Aaron Delani

I have much to say about this particular artist, but I really want to let his music speak for itself. Look for:

  • Unsophisticated Heart
  • Hymn #35

If you visit his website, you may still be able to download his album/ep for free. It's worth it.

Preacher's Sons

Preachers Sons

They really need to do music full time.

I've seen them live since their full album release. I'm really excited to hear their second album/ep coming soon.

Allo Darlin'

Allo Darlin'

Twee pop... and it makes me happy.

What are the sounds you've been listening to?


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