Friday, January 27, 2012

The Great Marionette

I've been contemplating this thought that we're manipulated by art and design, and they seem to be everywhere. It's the language of our culture painted by the most apparent and unknown artists of our time. Because of them it's in the everyday things that we so commonly see. I feel as though we look through the lens of our nature and the promises and longings of our culture.

Growing up, I was unknowingly curious about such things. I didn't know anything about art or design. I didn't know anything about architecture, impressionism, post-modernism, or realism. All I knew was that these forms resounded with who I am. Art was something that I did, it was a part of who I am and what I'm able to create.

The distinction I found isn't that art and design are not mutually exclusive ideas, that art and design are merely ways that we're able to identify our world. I notice that when I see natural formed objects, I experience something. It could be a feeling mundane or ethereal, the matter is that there is a feeling. That there is an expression, that there is something intrinsically moving about it to me.

Art tends to be inclined to be an ends of it's own means, aesthetically in it's own way to be beautiful in itself. I think that the idea of something being or becoming art is that the ends-of-it's-own-means is it's value to the perciever. Simply put the value of art is the message it conveys to it's audience; however, the audience weighs it with such personal intentions or inclinations. At that moment, that value is subjective, hence, the "intrinsic" meaning of this art or design is dictated by one's experience.

So this manipulation that I speak of is that art and design are made with their own intentions. That these intentions are used by the artist or designer to convey emotions or ideas into our cognition; that maybe we could inherit or empathize with the ideas that they've presented.

My last thought is that the ultimate manipulation that the role of an artist and designer is to emulate beauty. I feel and think that when we do so dutifully such the form of beauty, we've only imitated an experience of a close form we've abstracted an insufficient but tolerable understanding of beauty.

The idea of the great marionnette is us who are utterly moved by man made things that he is hindered by the strings of misunderstood beauty.


  1. Cuzn Aaron! :) you write well and see beauty & meanings in the visuals around you. I'm a follower! tc

  2. Thanks Joy!

    I really appreciate it.


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