Monday, January 16, 2012

Cheers, There's a New Year

Where is this thought. I know I had it right here. I placed it's most apparent reflection on the top of my mind. This was me right now. This a part of my time perceived. This was the likeness of my self. The faults, a feeble frail, flatulent, feverish, facade of a frolicking gray matter. I'm lost in incomprehensible thought.

I think of growing. Whether or not my past actions will be judged by another. I think I'm growing. I think of the past year and all the unfortunate things that could happen to me, I feel as though I've been through the wilderness and back. The grass was there at times to graze on and live by. I kept moving, seemingly a graveyard appeared by me and the ghost that had haunted me is the piercing thought of what could have been. I spent my year there and the daunting weight of all that had been was the pulse of my heart.

There are a few things I can surmise from the past year. It's overwhelming to think of at times and so easy for me to deny. But I've grown to know who I am in such melancholic events. In such tiresome, low, and sharp rhythmic blues. I've come to know the faithfulness of God through friends and my family. It's become apparent to me that I'm jaded and changed.

There's hope here though. I feel it. This year... this year is good. This year has been amazing. Each day unfolds with such surprising life. My soul feeds on it. I long for it, there's a light there. I wonder at times if I can ever be the good parts of who I was. I wonder if I'll do the right things.

Cheers, there's hope in this new year.


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