Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blind Writing

Every now and again-- actually I should say, usually, I do a writing exercise which involves turning my laptop's screen completely off and just writing. I had an blog filled with this content. I write a concept down that I don't quite fully comprehend until after I had finished a piece. I feel comfortable with only a few of the things I write in this manner. And a few of these that I'm actually willing to share.

I call this process, "Blind Writing." This afternoon, I wrote something that I realize would be interesting to share... here it is:

I walk around the velvet room, not hearing an echo, or the voice of the one who loves me. My eyes start to weep of this unpredictable heart's unforgotten sorrow. I'm mindful of it. There's a sense to which there's no home for this heart. An endless romanticized living.

I am lost in heart, I am lost in thought. The cavalcades of the what could have been, rush to me like horses in war. Trampling the grass and breathing cold air. Then my flags waiver in the wind, a quiver of a bolt is what grazes my skin. I am losing. Whereas to not fall in love would have been a dream, but this dream is a war that I want to lose.

I become a prisoner to the army that followed. It's infringed on my very being, they tease me and withhold the reason for their reproach. They loot and plunder my very treasured heart. I am bound to be poor and destitute. I'm humbled by this force, and yet, as a man, I fight it. This is the war. This is the plight of the kingdom of broken voices.

You are the night that was inevitable. The sun rest, and you had shown yourself cold. I befriended the very notion of you, darkness. There were enough stars and candle light. I'm persuaded by such beauty. I've forgotten the battles we've had, I had lost memory of the prison, the torture.

I am in this velvet room, midnight blue is what you've shown me... you are midnight blue.


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