Saturday, September 3, 2011

Morning Light

Whatever happened to the morning lights, that came through my window? I thought I had seen it once or twice, but this morning seems much dimmer. I sit and wait, feeling the carpet beneath my feet. I focus on the gentle breeze and the sounds of birds chirping. I can hear cars from the distance and some sirens.

I am distracted by the blue walls, I close the blinds. I can imagine my breath in vapors before me as I exhale... I realize I'm breathing. This quiet morning light shines through my window. It hits these blinds, it's persistent and warm. So I slowly open the blinds. The silluette of them are like prison bars, it's cold in the shadows but warm in the light.

It's this morning light that keeps this hallow room lit. It's this morning light that I long for in the blue waking dawn. I just need to step outside and feel the morning light.