Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Disappearing Lines

The idea of disappearing lines is a tecnique in art used to convey a sense of perspective. Where lines converge and diverge in itself is the most important part. Our minds are tricked into percieving something that does not exist. That there's depth to a picture. Whatever this idea is of, we're only able to be familiar with these lines because there's a larger idea in our minds that takes presidence over it. It gives us understanding beyond the plane of what our eyes percieve. It's the work of our minds, the interpretation of data... it's just "disappearing lines."

I could only think of this idea when trying to explain such a haitus in my writing. There's no idea I was willing to share because these lines would not meet. There was no horizon that came of these, there was no definite perspective to be sought. There was nothing.

Because ther seemed to be nothing for a long time. I stand to reason with myself that in life, there is no such thing as "nothing," as when I think, there is "something." It's somewhat ironic to me that I could easily devalue my thoughts as nothing, or as something seemingly unimportant. I wont assume that each thought that I have is unrelatable or irrelevant to anyone. Maybe there are just some thoughts, I think, aren't worth sharing. I guess they would reflect a more intimate thought about me. But there are many things about me that aren't complete.

So, here I am, writing about nothing wishing I had more disappearing lines.


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