Monday, August 29, 2011

All I'm trying to convey right now is a simple idea. However, in my mind, I feel as though I'm lifting ten hundred bricks. Maybe I had forgotten how to articulate my ideas. That thought scares me. Maybe I haven't taken enough time to think through things. Yes, maybe I just haven't had enough time to think through things.

Wait, am I just trying to justify such a elusive thought? I think I know myself well enought to know... whether or not I'm just trying to escape the persecution of my own mind, being unable to elaborate on thoughts. Maybe I'm just old, and I just forgot what I was thinking about... this is somewhat frustrating and unnerving. Where are the words I've used so frequently in conversations I've had with friends or the ill forgotten words I've had with myself.

This is a minor problem... I should be able to resolve this soon. Maybe if I thought of the idea as a "madlib."

I (adjective) (noun), and (first person predicate) don't (verb) (infinitive marker) (verb) (adverb) (pronoun).

Crap... I guess that may be as innefective as writing nothing, and I guess this is something. Maybe what I'm writing is a parody of a blank thought in itself. I just read over what I just wrote... this entry is becoming a meta-thought. I should probably stop thinking now.


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