Thursday, January 20, 2011

Late Night Writing

I haven't written in a while... mostly because of difficult things that have happened in my life recently. I know that God is working, it's just really difficult to see it at times.

So tonight, I was slightly restless, I used to write often in these times, to give my mind and my heart space to be "creative." Here's a few things that I wrote tonight... accompanied by a few photos.

"The Water Runner"

Water Runner

He took off like the wind! A whiffle of his tail, the quickness of his limbs, boy oh boy! What a fast dog. He was a water runner, a fetcher, a go getter. Waves couldn't catch a hair off him. He ran with such freedom and the shoreline roared, "shooosh." I heard the waves say, "GO!" This quadruped was gifted, this dog had wings.

"Sadness as the Sea"

Ships Sailing
The sea ship sailed, so shall I soon sing, the saddest song sung sullen-sleeping a sweet symphony- the sea.


This particular piece was inspired by clothes, there's no picture associated with this one.

Fibers over fibers,
woven... worn,
laid on, rested...

My heart over my heart,
woven... worn,
laid on, rested...

My mind over my mind,
woven... worn,
laid on, rested...

O' wash these fibers, Lord, over me.

"Morning Ember"

Red, glowing in white ash; yellows, almost golden pulsed through this little coal. In my cold hands, breaking tinder, brittle little pieces. A pine cone rested near my foot, I was mesmerized by the intricacy of it's shape. Tinder, so dry, broken into pieces, I placed them over the ember. Suddenly they turned ablaze. I placed the seemingly mundane asymmetrical thing over the flame. Wood followed, more wood. The light was warm, I felt the sun rise in the midst of this. The dawn, like an ember, hues of red and yellow, more beautiful than this frail and fragile flame. Light had met me, exposed me, in this cold dark place.

So most of these writings were inspired by the photos and memories I had of those moments. Also, I would like to note that my perception as an, (erghm... *clears throat), "artist," is augmented toward my own preference. I hope the reader enjoys these.


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