Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Holiday season has been pretty cool... and by cool, I mean cold. There's not a moment in the beautiful mornings when I wake up I don't think about starting a camp fire in my room. It's been so cold, I've had the most difficult time getting up in the mornings. I love this season, but I don't love the temperature. 50 degrees, no thank you.

My Family and I on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was a blast. I'm so thankful to have a great family, they are such a blessing. Aprille and Francis hosted the gathering, and Kia and Al drove down from Sacramento to be with us. Ava and Robert were also there, and our parents, and not to forget the cutest niece and nephew I could ever ask for, everyone was there! It was good seeing everyone and just being able to spend time with them. That's really one thing I've been lacking lately.

The day after Thanksgiving, I drove up to Lake Arrowhead to see my love. It was a good drive up in my Corolla, compared to last year, it was a somewhat difficult in the 98' Corolla. After a 50min or so drive, I was in the clouds, my ears were cold and I couldn't have been more excited that day. We spent some time walking, talking, piggy back riding, trying to play with snow, playing cards, playing pool, and eating... It was a good day.


The day after the day after Thanksgiving, I met up with my family at the Ontario Hills Mall. It took me about 15 minutes to find a spot to park in, and another 40minutes to find most of my family members because Ava and Robert decided to leave earlier because of how busy it was inside the mall. The mall seemed to be flooding with people with waves and waves of them... well, maybe I should say, "us."

Ontario Hills Mall Foodcourt

People were shopping, I was shopping... my family was shopping. I realized so much of why I was there; I wanted to see them.

Then I saw this:

Oh how I want this to be my cry this season.

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  1. Dude, thanks for sharing that youtube clip. It was powerful!


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