Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is a Little Strange Evening

I'm typing this post in my car. A strange event just happened as I was on my way home, and as it stands, I'm waiting patiently and exhaustedly in my car for this to be over.

After writing that previous line, a tow truck appeared from the corner of my eye. In a thought of sheer thankfulness, I just praised God.

I had a somewhat peculiar day. I woke up later than I wanted to, not hearing the two alarms I had prepared for myself. I was dreary and made it to work with thick phlegm in my throat, a sniffle and tired eyes. Just thinking of being tired... of being tired. In this irony of perpetual, "tired-ness," I found myself staring at my computer, working on something that just needed to be finished. A project of both simple and rigorous implementation. Work was good, productive, and somewhat fun. As in the midst of the busyness, I was able to appreciate not being in bed and just thanking God for the capability to work under such physical lows.

After work, I drove to see my friends, we just hung out and relaxed, made jokes. Then they started writing papers while I fixed a bug that was bothering me on my blog. At around 11:30pm, we left to go to an ice skating rink in Yorba Linda. My friends and a bunch of people played broom ball; the game finished in about an hour. We left the place at around 1:40am.

Coming back to my friend's home, we separated, it was late and I wanted to sleep. On the drive home, the freeway that I need to take narrowed down to one lane due to painting lanes. I exited the freeway one exit than I usually take and found a car close to the exit lane from the south side. So I evaluated the situation and figured, this person is probably in trouble and doesn't know what to do. With the way people drive on main streets getting out of the freeway at these hours, I assumed that it wouldn't be safe to leave a car in the middle of two middle lanes. So I parked my car in the near parking lot. I prayed and walked toward the car and saw the driver. She was on her phone with a seemingly frantic look on her face. She was wearing clothes that I've seen people walk out to town in... in bars. So approached the passenger side door and asked, "do you need help?" She replied "yes" and I told her to put her car in neutral so I could push it to safety. As I was pushing it up the hill toward the parking lot, I was praying, and as the incline was feeling somewhat steeper because of the burden I was pushing, she pulled on her emergency brake. I was somewhat confused as to the reason why someone would do that... so I walked toward her driver side and asked her to not do that. She replied, "sorry, can I help push?" I just said, I need you to steer.

We got closer and closer to our destination, she turned straight into the hump entering the parking lot. I felt it, I felt it in my thighs, my calf muscles, my back, my ankles... I asked her to pull the emergency break, and she did. I asked her to push the car from the back as I steered. I wanted to use my position in the front as both leverage and be able to steer the car. After counting to three, we were able to get it over the bump and into the parking lot, I jumped into the car and parked it near a lamp post. A few kids in the parking lot came out their car and helped push a bit up the bump as well.

The guys from the car and I took a look at the radiator and oil. She kept mentioning that it could just be overheating. So we opened up the radiator... steam. We added water from left over bottles to the radiator, in hopes that we would be able to cool it down. For an hour we kept adding water, watching and observing whether or not the steam would dissipate. Finally, we were confident that the car had cooled down enough to start. She got into the car and attempted to start the car three times, it just would not work. She couldn't leave. She finally called her mother for the first time that evening. She was shaken, afraid and anxious on the phone and screamed "it's not my fault, it's not my fault..." over and over. The guys in the parking lot left and I waited with her in my car where I turned on the heater for the tow truck her mom sent.

It was truly a strange evening.

Friday, December 10, 2010

December December

After Thanksgiving, in comes December with all it's fury of the "Holiday" season. This holiday season to me involves traffic, cold weather, stress, excitement, family, friends, good food... In the back of my mind, I've been thinking about this: etymology of the word "Holiday" actually comes from "holy" or something whole, or separate, or should not be violated or transgressed on(Holy). A "holy-day" is meant to be a time set apart, to have time to recreate. I find myself thinking about this more often in these times.

I feel somewhat frustrated about the way I think about this season. There are good things about it, in that I do want to spend time with family and friends. I know that it is good because I want to be thankful to God. I just feel somewhat frustrated that there is the thought in me of this season being somewhat stripped of it's "holiness." We set this time of the year for God, this season to celebrate His birth. More and more I look around me and I find that this season has lost it's intrinsic worth. At least to me, I like to think of this season's worth as God's grace.

I'm just thankful for Him and what He did and what He continues to do in my life.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Holiday season has been pretty cool... and by cool, I mean cold. There's not a moment in the beautiful mornings when I wake up I don't think about starting a camp fire in my room. It's been so cold, I've had the most difficult time getting up in the mornings. I love this season, but I don't love the temperature. 50 degrees, no thank you.

My Family and I on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was a blast. I'm so thankful to have a great family, they are such a blessing. Aprille and Francis hosted the gathering, and Kia and Al drove down from Sacramento to be with us. Ava and Robert were also there, and our parents, and not to forget the cutest niece and nephew I could ever ask for, everyone was there! It was good seeing everyone and just being able to spend time with them. That's really one thing I've been lacking lately.

The day after Thanksgiving, I drove up to Lake Arrowhead to see my love. It was a good drive up in my Corolla, compared to last year, it was a somewhat difficult in the 98' Corolla. After a 50min or so drive, I was in the clouds, my ears were cold and I couldn't have been more excited that day. We spent some time walking, talking, piggy back riding, trying to play with snow, playing cards, playing pool, and eating... It was a good day.


The day after the day after Thanksgiving, I met up with my family at the Ontario Hills Mall. It took me about 15 minutes to find a spot to park in, and another 40minutes to find most of my family members because Ava and Robert decided to leave earlier because of how busy it was inside the mall. The mall seemed to be flooding with people with waves and waves of them... well, maybe I should say, "us."

Ontario Hills Mall Foodcourt

People were shopping, I was shopping... my family was shopping. I realized so much of why I was there; I wanted to see them.

Then I saw this:

Oh how I want this to be my cry this season.