Friday, October 1, 2010


This thought came to mind, as I sit here on this pew, in a coffee shop suited for those who will know to appreciate the flavor of good coffee.

Catching up with myself... I'm catching up with myself. The things that I work for, the things that I do, the words that I say, the ideas I express... they travel by freight, and a trailer right behind my tired back. God know's I've been derailed. So, He stops me. I heed at the sign. The clanking steel wheels, rusted over this metaphor for a busy mind.

Lately, I've been working a few more longer hours. It seems that I stand on these two feet, but truly, I feel as though I'm leaning on God. There's a burden on my heart, as I begin to ponder what's next in my life and where God wants me. I feel challenged to run on His steam, at my pace, in His time. Maybe sometimes I just go. Maybe sometimes I get distracted.

Life, honestly, has been difficult. I love my job and the things I do there. At times, it does get tough, I pray to God for the strenght I need to be patient and persevere through it. God is good and He blesses me. In my relationship with Emily, I love her so much. At times, our relationship gets difficult as well. I pray to God for understanding, patience, and so much forgiveness. God knows my love will never be enough.

So I'm at a point in my heart and mind once again, "was God ever enough for me?" So I come back to Him, over and over again... because God knows, I'm never enough and He's more than I could do or ever ask for.

This is to myself who will read this sometime again, "remember who God is."

To Jared, who's making fun of this as I write this... I love you man.


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