Monday, April 5, 2010

Three Extractions, One Tooth Exposure later

Three Extractions, One Tooth Exposure later

I went to the oral surgeon's office today. I believe I'm still quite drugged up... but I'm fine. I was asleep for the hour they worked on my teeth. Now I'm home and I just need to rest.

Going to a dentist, doctor or surgeon is really nervewreacking to so many people. I had a mixture of excitement and being scared... mostly because they put me in a deep sleep. Everything seems to have gone well... I just have to take good care of my mouth.

I'm hoping to be better soon. But for now I'm just going to rest. I have gauze in my mouth to stop the bleeding.

Thanks Mr Winter D.D.S, Brian Chung D.D.S MD, for the big help with my teeth. It was a really pleasant experience with both of them.

Well, I best go rest now... I hope everyone else's week is starting off well. :-)

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  1. Do you have gauze in your mouth in this picture?

  2. Yeah, this was the pre-swelling right cheek! I just had gotten home from Brian Chung's Office and I took that picture.


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