Saturday, April 10, 2010

Part Two: Detours

I suppose that life, in all that I can percieve, unfolds with unsuspected certainty. I cannot believe fully or have faith in all of the future I plan out or intend to make for myself. Nor do I have the capacity in knowledge of the future to make for myself the best outcome of all the underlying potentialities of the present. I only know of the truth that is present from the circumstances and situations that I find myself in.

I believe in the truth of the God. He is apparent to me in all His works and in all His glory. I experience His prescence in my life. Here is truth.

On March 31st, 2010, I was on my way to the Lamont Courthouse in Kern County. I had failed to make my appearance due to car complications. In the possibilty that I could have made it to court, they were closed in observation of Ceasar Chavez day.


That day happened and I was lost. I only had ideas of what I needed to do, and what should be done. As my father drove us to Longbeach, we talked about the idea and reality of needing a new car. I thought to myself, "I really just need a car that would take me from point ’a’ to point ’b’."

After arriving in Longbeach, my father parted ways from my mother and I to go to work. My mother and I went for a visit at the nearest Toyota dealership I can remember. Mr. Winter called me earlier that afternoon to ask how I was and what my plans were. Upon finding out I was in the market for a car, he also recommended the Toyota dealership in Orange. He’s a blessing.

I took his words under advisement, then my mother and I went on our way to the Miller Toyota dealership in Anaheim. Kendice, a friendly sales consultant, greeted us and asked us what he could do for us. He and I talked about cars, what I was looking for... I like consistency, I’d love a dependable car. The old car I had, was a 98’ Corolla, pre-owned and died at over 187,000 miles. I’ve experienced dependability. Then it came to mind... I wanted a Corolla. My sister showed up shortly after.

I learned something that day. When you’re a first time car buyer, it’s not about what you want, it’s about what you can potentially afford. I was blessed that day. After looking at a few options for cars and test driving the Corolla S and Corolla LE, I just really wanted a Corolla. Kendice introduced us to Jun, and they helped me understand so much about what it’s like to make such an investment. What credit means what it really is... and how mine isn’t ideal.

Grace... I qualified at a minimum down payment and monthly payment I could afford. Jun ran the numbers and worked with what I could afford. My mother and sister were there giving me moral support.

I have a new car, thanks to Miller Toyota in Anaheim, namely Kendice, Jun, and Candie who worked with me to get the car I want.

Some of the financial aftermath, I’m starting fresh with my credit and savings... and that’s a blessing. I thank God so much in His providence and forethought in all it is He does for me.

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