Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Old Words: Mind: 1 Vessels Part 1

I found old words from a few years ago that still ring true in my heart today. I decided to re-post this on this blog; having it set to re-publish itself two years from when it was written.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mind: 1 Vessels Part 1

Lord, I pray that you will guide me in my words. I am inspired by the truth in my heart, Your spirit compels me.

My mind has been a vessel for thoughts, ideas and concepts; they move through the oceans of doubt, inadequacies, temptations, and selfishness in a constant flow. Vessels sink, in inadequacies, in doubt... but I pray to you Lord, for the strength and buoyancy to float through these.

I feel inadequate for God's work, yet my Lord still uses me; I feel inadequate for God's love, yet my Lord still loves me; I feel inadequate for God's compassion, yet my Lord still cares for me. His loving kindness fills me, His spirit moves me. In this I trust in the Lord, with my heart.

Yet when I trust in the Lord, I trust Him blindly at times. Where my concern is not that of my own self, but that of how it affects others. I question my intent, I question my love for myself. For how am I to love my neighbor, as I love myself? If not my love for them is not a love for my own. So I trust in the Lord, I pray to Him. A sovereign, great provider I know we have in Him. I pray for His will, and petition my own. I am comforted to know my God is impartial. I am comforted to know my God is just.

I do not know if I love myself. I have no fear in death. My mortality faces me everyday. I trust my Lord will deliver me. I trust that I will be with Him to glorify His name. I have no fear in death. I seek the truth, the word of my Lord. I seek that the fruit of His wisdom, not only in His word, and my testimony shall be a light to those who are needy. O' I love what He has done in my life. I love the spirit within me; I love this frail heart, and this stochastic mind. For my heart I've prayed for it to be as malleable as clay and my mind for it to be filled with discernment with His spirit. I love myself, I pray to be strong, loving, understanding, forgiving, and nonjudgmental. For my Lord has labored in love so that we may follow Him. I am healed by His faith and compassion.

I acknowledge that my heart is still fallible; my Lord has blessed me with heartache. I tell you my mind is scattered into a multitude of thoughts; my Lord has blessed me with questions. How is my Lord to form my heart if He does not knead it? How is my Lord to captivate my thoughts without setting a trap? The Lord works in mysterious ways... I still cannot fathom.

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