Sunday, March 21, 2010

Through the Flames


In 2007, I took a series of photos at a beach bon fire. While my friends and I were having a decent time just hanging out, we noticed that the adjacent group beside us had other plans. They made the fire larger, we could see the smoke rise into the deep blue sky. The fire illuminated us as we marveled at it's enormity.

We watched as the flames grew, the bright yellow light warmed our faces and the stench of burning freight pallets permeated our clothes. There was a fever within the midst of the crowd. A scream of excitement, "woo!" All of a sudden, one man after another jumped over the fire. The crowd screamed and laughed. I intently watched each man, or each boy hurdle over the angry flame.

So Close to the Light

Sometimes we get so close to the flame and we never realize it. I wonder if this guy knew that he was that close to landing into the burning wood.


I remember that he jumped as a gush of wind followed him.

I somehow find myself thinking of the metaphorical flames in our life. How we need the light for warmth, and how we add so much fuel that it bursts and we're so inclined to dare to somehow jump through it. We face the flames and the hairs on our body get singed, we wreak of it. The hair appears like tiny plastic coiled mushrooms against our skin. I can imagine how easy it is to just burst into flames.

In life, sometimes I feel like I'm playing with fire. Sometimes, I am.


  1. Wow. Great blog, hun. Thanks for writing it. I'm looking forward to hanging out with you today!

  2. :-) It was really fun hanging out with you yesterday!


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