Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sending "Hello"


She's left for India. I'm missing her and it's been a day. I'm doing well, and she is too, I've been reading a bit, hanging with a few good friends, and just cleaning my room. She's been in Singapore for the past 11 hours so far on a layover. One of the things I'm glad about is that we were able to talk a bit over IM. It was really great to hear that she was well. Even from a distance, we're able to just talk.

I like the idea of just being able to send her an email and her just being able to read it... the convenience of communication. I am afraid that many people who use Facebook as a primary way of communicating, may just be missing out on things that are simpler.

Sending "Hello" in so many ways, is just as easy as sending "I love you," is just as easy.

By something simpler, I mean a note. There's something so endearing and sentimental about something you can hold. I like to think about a book, a hand written note, or a painting... all these have a visceral and veridical attributes that no image or symbolic representation on a screen could ever replace. Whenever she writes me a note, I feel as if she's left something of her with me.

I'll be writing her... There's only so much you can say through an email, or an IM.

Facebook Notification Email

On another note, I haven't been on Facebook in such a long time, it seems as if it had been concerned with my well being. I've enjoyed so much of the time I've spent away from the site. I've had more time to read, pray, contemplate life, write, and just be.

Really, I would recommend this to anyone who's been on any social networking site for over 4hrs, just get off it for 4hrs and maybe take a walk or read that book you've been wanting to finish. Sometimes, I realize how tired I am of screens.

p.s. {Sorry for anyone who sent me a message on Facebook, please send me an email instead.}

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