Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Week

So this past week has been a Valentine's week. I've had steak, pretty much three times within the past 5 days. I sometimes wish that my body could digest and reassemble the cow that I just ate. My girlfriend, who's sitting right next to me doesn't find that funny at all, but she laughed anyway. In any case, I've really enjoyed spending all this time with her, she's been a true blessing in my life. On February 14th, we went to church, spent time in the park, spent some time eating ice cream, spent some time writing music... as seen below:

February 14th

In a Snuggie, I might add. So, it was pretty much a fun day. Most of every time I spend with her is fun... and cheesy.


  1. Babe, I am so thankful for our relationship. Your generosity, grace and love point me straight to God, and He has blessed us so much!

  2. I am so blessed by you and who God is in this relationship. Every single moment with you is grace.

    I continue to pray to Him in guidance of all that is happening in our lives. He's working.


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