Tuesday, February 23, 2010

About My Niece


This is my niece, Adrianna. She's the most adorable person in the world. She loves to sing, dance, and have great converssations. She's both witty, and the cutest farter ever. She has a great sense of humor, I mean, I love it when she talks about "doo, doo, yah, doo doo."

do... doo from Aaron on Vimeo.

Did I already mention that she loves to travel? She walks from the loveseat, to the couch, to the kitchen, to her bedroom... She's so good at walking! Don't even get me started on her crawling skills. She's the super-est! She's only one year and two months old, I can't believe how amazing this baby is.

All kidding aside. I love hangin out with my niece. She's such a joy to be around. I can't help but get a "cute overload," being around her. This evening, I was looking through some old photos, and I came across a few that I took of her back in her first month into the world. I remember her just laying there, so peacefully asleep. Her pinkish skin was the most delicate I've ever seen. Her eyes are of a brownish hue, as bright and dark similar to oak. There is this vitality within her and she exudes so much life that she brings such joy to us.

I know that we all started this way. I'm amazed how God blesses us with life. My brother is going to have a son soon. I'm truly blessed.

I really hope to be a good uncle for my nephews.


  1. God created such a unique and beautiful girl. Addie is really something special. You do have the most adorable neice. And you're already an amazing uncle!

  2. =*_*=She is so precious like all other babies. Your gonna be a great uncle to your nieces and nephews=^_^=!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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