Tuesday, February 23, 2010

About My Niece


This is my niece, Adrianna. She's the most adorable person in the world. She loves to sing, dance, and have great converssations. She's both witty, and the cutest farter ever. She has a great sense of humor, I mean, I love it when she talks about "doo, doo, yah, doo doo."

do... doo from Aaron on Vimeo.

Did I already mention that she loves to travel? She walks from the loveseat, to the couch, to the kitchen, to her bedroom... She's so good at walking! Don't even get me started on her crawling skills. She's the super-est! She's only one year and two months old, I can't believe how amazing this baby is.

All kidding aside. I love hangin out with my niece. She's such a joy to be around. I can't help but get a "cute overload," being around her. This evening, I was looking through some old photos, and I came across a few that I took of her back in her first month into the world. I remember her just laying there, so peacefully asleep. Her pinkish skin was the most delicate I've ever seen. Her eyes are of a brownish hue, as bright and dark similar to oak. There is this vitality within her and she exudes so much life that she brings such joy to us.

I know that we all started this way. I'm amazed how God blesses us with life. My brother is going to have a son soon. I'm truly blessed.

I really hope to be a good uncle for my nephews.


Persecution in India: Francis' Response from Cornerstone Church on Vimeo.

I watched this this morning while at work, I feel heartbroken by the events in Orissa. There isn't much I can say about how I feel about this. I'm just praying to a merciful God.

Someone I love is going there in about a month and I am fearful for her safety. I'm not sure why they did the things they did, or what could cause so much hate against Christians. I'm praying.

I have faith that God will bless them.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Week

So this past week has been a Valentine's week. I've had steak, pretty much three times within the past 5 days. I sometimes wish that my body could digest and reassemble the cow that I just ate. My girlfriend, who's sitting right next to me doesn't find that funny at all, but she laughed anyway. In any case, I've really enjoyed spending all this time with her, she's been a true blessing in my life. On February 14th, we went to church, spent time in the park, spent some time eating ice cream, spent some time writing music... as seen below:

February 14th

In a Snuggie, I might add. So, it was pretty much a fun day. Most of every time I spend with her is fun... and cheesy.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Old Words: Not now, just then

I found this old post from an old blog I've had. I've written so honestly in the past... I wonder right now if I still am the same way. Do I bare witness to my own thoughts, or do I edit and filter each murmur of my incessant mind? I want to be a witness to you, in God's love for me, here's where I've been. The following was written on Sunday, February 10th, 2008.

Not now, just then

I've been busy in my mind.
I've been busy with my mind dealing with my heart.
There are many instances that I sense selfishness with my "wants."
I pray for God's will, that I know nothing of.
Stumbling blocks seem much more apparent now and flesh is suddenly so easy to deal with.
Caring for people I don't know, I feel strange that my heart would sink for them.
I feel compelled to take action to show people love.
I feel trapped in a sense of worthlessness of actions.
There are 4 people in my life that I have concern for that are in troubled times, I pray for them in every chance I get.
I have a good friends that I think about knowing their good hearts.
I met someone who I am afraid of.
I spoke with an old girlfriend of mine. My heart raced, I was scared. I pray that she's doing fine.
For the past 4 weeks I've been busy on the weekends.
I've danced to eighties music with very fun people.
I love my family dearly, I miss my sister.
I'm not happy, I have a sense of joy.
My dad's pug is irritating but endearing. My brother's chihuahua-terrier is always loved.
I am alone, however, not lonely- just a sense of void.
The park is an excellent place to take a nap.
Hearing the wind rustle the leaves makes me take a deep breath.
I've met broken hearts.
I've been wanting to apologize to uncertainty.
There's a way.
I have songs in my head I sing when they come forward.
Having faith in the Lord is comparable to being consumed with utter love.
Not knowing many things and knowing some things is a good thing.
Knowledge is fleeting (and as vestigial to an ostrich as it's wings, as it is to us at) many moments.
I want to know people who care.
I've seen pride hide through many faces.
There's a veneer for many sins.
Beauty is what God intended for our hearts, through His love.
Don't tell me what to do. Suggest that I do.
I'll be recluse and mistaken.
I am neither here nor there.
It's when you've drawn in your eyes the lapse of sincerity that I'll listen.
I'll have a hard time remembering your name but I'll remember a sense of you.

All this was written in a tangent of thought. It's not a poem, just simple honest thoughts that I've had one after the other. Most of these ring so true to today.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Old Words: "Extrapolate"

I wrote the following words last year in May 7th, 2009 in my tumblog. I remember writing this and just thinking about so much of who God is over everything I think I need.

I’m tired of the unnecessary attachments of living. Having things. I’m tired of knowing I somehow depend on these things for satisfaction. I know my heart isn’t reliant upon these things, these days, it’s more and more difficult to discern whether or not I am defined by these things.

I imagine a self portrait of myself, in the variation of hues I can vividly remember; I’d use these things to identify who I am: a paintbrush, a pencil, a notebook, a bicycle, a computer, a collection of CDs scattered across the floor, books, a camera… I have many things associated with me, yet there is this detachment from them. I reek of the silent indulgence of satisfaction. I have no concern of things over their necessity in my living, but I indulge in them as tools I’ve used in my life.

There’s this large part of my mind that renders me as who I am. It may be a mere delusional self perception. I was naked in this portrait, there were no things laid around me, and yet there was a smile on that face and the left hand over where the heart should be. I don’t know yet if this is where I am, the case right now is that I am not, I just know that is where I want to be.

I am finite. My days have an end over this plane of existence. In this time, I want to know of sadness and despair; I want to know of pain and suffering in my life; I want to know of loneliness and the consequences of being one; I want to know of death and hell; I want to know of the difficulty and torment of living, the emotional heartbreak, frustration and anger. I scream these things out because I’ve been blessed with these things.

Then I raise my voice even more to shout for life; in these finite moments, I’ve come to know of joy, and intentional joy. I have come to know of love and the many forms of it and the misappropriation of them; I have come to know that I am blessed to never be alone and that the relationships I have with my brethren are building; I have come to know of life and what it is to live in truth and light; the mere glimpses I have of my past through the memories I remember, I’ve come to know many things and reason who I am now ultimately by the choice to place God before myself.

Right now, I’m just tired in being who I am.

{Coldness became apparent when I came to know heat.}

The original post located here http://tumblog.aarondelani.com/post/104677540/extrapolate. I am so thankful for a God that provides all that I need.