Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Busy But Here


I've been busy, pretty busy. Since the end of October, I've almost lost track of time. November had just come and gone, Fall went by so fast; before I knew it, I was hit by the cold of Winter. This December had just begun and yet it already feels almost over.

Here's to catching up.

New Orleans is coming sooner than later. We're still raising support and we're still praying and preparing for it.

I know and feel that God has all this under control. I have peace and I'm thankful for all He's done. He's kept my family safe, and He's truly blessed us.

So here's to catching up... I'm busy at work, busy in the college ministry, busy running around doing things, busy with Emily (who definitely get's me to just slow down)... I'm thankful for being able to worship and pray... I'm just thankful, I still need to catch up.


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