Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Past Few Weeks

I've been busy the past few weeks... it's been really busy... here are a few of the things I've done within the past few weeks:



A few weeks ago, we had the 1st ever Paradigm Shift Octoberfest. It was fun, we danced some polka and had a rootbeer chugging contest, it was great fun!
Links to pictures and stuff here: Octoberfest 2009


Banana-chocolate-chip Pancakes Banana-chocolate-chip Pancakes

Then a few days later, Em came over to study and she brought sushi (not pictured) and made chocolate chip-banana pancakes! How awesome is that? It was very awesome... I can still taste the chocolate chip-banana pancakes in my mind... mmm.

Byron's Recital

Byron Applause

It finally happened! Byron fnially gave his senior recital. He performed so many genres of guitar, classical, heavy metal, acoustic, folk, and stuff (I can't exactly name every one of them). It was a great performance. He did great. At one point I was closing my eyes listening to the soothing sounds of his guitar. It was great!


Everyone was listening intently to him. I had some expectations coming into this... the expatations were surpassed, he's gifted at such talent, technique, and creativity with the guitar. I couldn't admire him more. I mean, really... he was so good we even called him out for an encore (although the "calling out," may have seemed rehearsed). It was great!

Pumkin Patch


Then a few days later, Em and I went out and had a little fun at a Pumkin Patch.

Well, that's it for now. This week looks amazing, the weather is great and the Paradigm Shift, Evfree Fullerton's college ministry, fall retreat is right around the bend. I'm excited.

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