Thursday, October 29, 2009



So, the past few days, I've spent my time on this amazing bed. On Sunday, I had "lost" my voice to something I'm still not quite sure of. It could have been a very nasty cold, or strep-throat... or something else. The sore throat became tiredness and tiredness became rest and fluids. (Mostly because that was the only way to fight it.)

While I was sick, my girlfriend was around. She took me to see my doctor, the doctor checked for strep (I don't have the results yet for some odd reason, I should give them a call because the doc did the whole swab and everything), and Mononucleosis. I suggested that I may have had mono before and it may have come back; so he went ahead and felt the lymphnodes on my neck for swelling and questioned how I was overall. He told me I likely do not have mono so he asked me if I still wanted to get tested for mono, and I said "yes."

Results came back and I don't have mono. In any case... my girlfriend was there, through the whole thing. She cooked heated up some chicken noodle soup for me when she picked me up. She was with me when I cried like a girl as they drew my blood. She drove me around and did some homework while I was working on work. She's such an amazing lady. I'm really blessed to be with her. She's also sick, and she still blesses me. (Not with more sickness, but sweetness.) I feel better today.

I don't think I'm contagious or anything, both my sister and brother in law aren't sick. My being sick has been reduced to a mild sniffle and cough. It comes to mind that disease doesn't choose who it's going to affect, or hinder. I'm thankful to God that He sustains me and I continue praying for the people I know who are affected by some disease. I thank God so much for all that He does within all this.

{p.s. This post is a bit unstructured, it's probably because I'm writing this so late in the evening... I've just been thinking and praying is all, and this came to mind.}


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