Thursday, October 1, 2009

Colon, hyphen, and "D" make :-D

Gtalk With Les
Today was a long one. Work was long, but okay... after work was unexpected... and after the "after work" I had a meeting with a dear friend.
He's thousands of miles away, way over there in Chicago but I still get to see him. I'm so glad that technology can bridge the gap between two people. It's times like these where I can actually thank Google for working hard on these things. (Which makes me so excited about Google Wave) We caught up on a few things in life and overall, it's just a blessing to actually see who you're talking to. There's so much communicated that doesn't get percieved in instant messages, text messages, e-mail, phone calls and other things.
Aural and visual communication is so important when we can't physically be there for the people we care about (or people we do business with). We have so many non-verbal cues that it's easier to just meet up with someone and just talk. Interpersonal relationships are solidified by this and we need to continue to do these things. Nowadays, I find myself somewhat too busy to do this, even with talking on the phone, I sometimes find myself hurried by the conversation. (Although it really depends on who I'm talking to and what the conversation is about.)
On a more technical note, with him being on a Mac and, I, myself being on a Windows OS, we were faced with the question of, "how is it that we are going to be able to talk to each other because of these two very different operating systems?" The first viable option was Skype, but the problem is that you need the skype application installed, (iChat would also not work because I am on a "PC"). The next thing we could think of was Gtalk with Video Chat. Which worked great! There's a plugin that needs to be installed, but it seems to me to be easier to configure than Skype on a Mac.
Case in point:
Gtalk With Em
After talking to Les I was able to talk to Emily. It was also amazing catching up with her over the same system. I just walked her through the installataion process, which was just as easy as downloading a file, opening it and extracting to your disk. (I hope it was easy for her.) Then after the installation... I saw her, and it was great seeing her, and just talking in this way and catching up a bit about our day.
This form of communication will never replace real life conversation but it's better than nothing. I think everyone can agree that there's something about a person's face that tells you a lot about what they're trying to communicate. What I appreciated the most about these "Internet Conversations," is that I didn't have to use emoticons... I just had to smile :-)

{P.S. Edit... here's a related entry: "Never So Far Away"}

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  1. I agree! And your smile is really cute in that picture with me!


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