Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Significant Little Things

Worm from Ramen

Yesterday mid-morning, while working, I had a hunger... a hunger for salt... so, I perscribed myself a cure: top-ramen. Now, ramen-- or noodles-- as I know it, is a simple and unhealthy snack. College students are very familiar with it. (Most of all when you're a starving student, second to it would be Mac n' Cheese.) I craved this salty, sodium-carb enriched delicacy that day and was somewhat excited to just indulge in it.

It became apparent to me that this pack of noodles had a certain garnish to it. The kind of garnish you'd least expect but wouldn't quite be surprised to see. It's yellowish hue adds life(or the abscense of it) to the soup. The visceral look to it added a distinct texture in my imagination. It's size could almost be mistaken for rice husk or tiny slivers of wheat.

It was a worm... I'm glad to say that I didn't proceed to eat it.

I ended up spending $4.75 on In-and-Out burger: Double-double, animal-style, no pickle, and fries. Now, I just can't really decide if the non-consumption of worms is worth $4.75. So far, I've come to the conclusion that it is. Anyway, watch what you eat... I found three of these before I came to the conclusion that it was not good; I didn't take a bite of it... just so everyone knows. (I mean, maybe I nibbled on the crumbs... but yeah)

Happy Eating.
Click here for a larger picture.


  1. THAT WAS IN YOUR TOP RAMEN? Where did you buy it? Nasty.

  2. I have no idea... well, my sister bought it... so I brought some to work.

  3. that's ridiculous, sorry about your worm friend, Aaron, I usually like to eat alone if you know what I mean..


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