Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Drawings of Light

Photos, photos, photos, photos, photos. Photography to me is a hobby. The technical aspect of it astounds me and the artistic aspect of it compels me to continue with it. The ability to capture in an image what is already created or to create the illusion of creating something just immensely fascinates me. All these deal with perception, on how I see things in my eyes. I can try to capture life in light of many things but it falls short to the reality of it.

There are a few words that come into mind when someone asks me, "Are you a photographer," to which I reply, "No, I just like taking pictures." What I'm particularly infering to is that I'm not a professional photographer, as anyone weilding a camera is a "photographer," I'm just a guy holding a camera. I do it for fun, for the enjoyment of it, to be reminded of the time that had passed.

Kathleen Andy

Jacque Matthew

Map Studying Emily

Aaron Green Jared

A few other words that come to mind are:

I really think that most of these things can be learned or revealed through discipline and blessings. Someone can be naturally be gifted with an eye for composition but not technique. Some may just pick up a camera and understand the way light works inherantly within their comprehention.

As for me, I think it's been both a blessing and discipline in photography that makes up my character as a photographer. I prefer to take pictures of people. I like the way someone's face can succinctly describe how that person is feeling or say something about who they are.

There have been pictures I've seen that evoke the emotions that I have felt before in the photographs I've taken. Photographs, unlike paintings, drawings or sculptures are a more literal illustrative of life... even at times it can be playful, endearing and unrealistic. Like any form of art, it's subjective nature leaves us with a more intimate understanding of who we are in our perceptions.

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  1. I'm also astounded by the technical aspect of it, even though I don't know anything about photography compared to you. I like learning about it from you, though. Whenever you talk about how cameras, processing and editing works, I'm struck with what an intriguing art form it is. Your photos capture so many emotions, and much truth as well. A lot of them are truly worth a thousand words. I love that you are so artistic. :-)

    And with the help of digital cameras, we can instantly reminisce!

    I still wish there could be a flip book of the many faces of Aaron. Pictures of you make me smile, especially when your expression is silly! :-D


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