Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day Date: Balloons and Beaches

Great Park Orange County A Two Ton Helium Balloon

Yesterday was a fun day. I took Emily out on a date. It started at 9:00am, I was a bit late to pick her up. Early morning blues were overcome with excitement; as the day for both of us was just beggining. That day, we went to Irvine to visit the Great Park of Orange County. It was such great weather and Emily didn't know where we were going. Neither did I... apparently. As we got lost over seven times trying to find the "Great" Park. I wonder about it's greatness because it's location is so hard to find.

On the BalloonOn the Balloon

After going to the park, we went to Laguna and went through some galleries. We talked about art, then we spent a brief period of time in the water, then some dinner at Bjs in Laguna. It was such a fun day.


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