Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Serving: India and Home

India Team

I'm still praying for the India team. I was in contact with Will and Lindsey yesterday; things seem hopeful. I'm still praying for their health and joy. It's already tough there to begin with, it's easy to understand how burdens can build up, but I still have a hard time imagining what it takes to go through it. So I pray that God would lift their burdens and instill in them the joy of Him, so that they may exude that joy to others in His light. I also pray that God would heal them, the fatigue of travel and conditions that they aren't accustomed to compromises their immune system. So I pray for that healing, not only of the body, also of the spirit so that they may have strength to endure the rest of this mission.

BriefingDo Work

Here at home, our service team is still out, helping Habitat for Humanity in Fullerton. Today, Alise and Jess showed up.



I'm at work.


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