Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Serving: Home

I really believe there's many opportunities to serve out there, however, there are only a few chances. Sometimes serving is doing well in a job, or being a good friend to someone you don't know. Here at home, I've tried and I've aspired to be that. To try to be selfless. At times, I feel idealistic and somewhat cynical of the actions I do that do not benefit me. To which I still act upon to do some form of good and give glory to God. I know that there is no perfection in any of the works that I do, I know that my works do not get me into heaven, I know that there are many times when I know I fall short of God's glory... yet, from my experience, God has always shown me of His faithfulness to me.

I've been helping with a ministry called Co-project, every Tuesday and Thursday I'm out in Long Beach, California, to hang out with good friends. Some that I've know for months, a few that I've known for close to or more than a year. After writing that previous post, I started thinking about how God has been working in my life and my relationships. I just wanted to share, briefly, a part of my life that has so much meaning to me.

Dinner with Friends

A little over a year and a half ago, one of my good friends Marc invited me to go feed the homeless in Long Beach. At the time, I was wondering about ways to serve God. An opportunity came for me to be on a missions trip to India, and I applied as it was an opportunity. At the time, I had both situations in mind. I remember taking priority with being with these people, whom I barely knew, to be around them. The trip was coming closer and closer, I noticed where my priorities were. It had become apparent to me that it was with these people. I felt a change within me, I noticed my heart caring for them. Later on I was faced with having to choose between my family and seeing them. I love my family so much and they made me realize that they support me in the good that "I" do.

Last year, I did not end up going to India, my heart wasn't all there. I was home last summer and I was content. I've taken joy in the blessings God gives me. He knows where He can use me, and He knows when I am truly willing.


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