Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Past Few Weeks

So, the past few weeks has been amazing. It started off with helping Em move into a new place, then 80's party (the Friday before that Saturday was great too), then Sunday came around had some lunch and played some Rummy, (I'm really not quite sure how to spell that card game)... the week went by in a great pace, as Monday came about in a daze, Tuesday was just another blessing, Wednesday came around and got to spend some good quality time with a friend, Thursday (or really-Friday) was the realization of what it is that I needed to understand about rest, then Friday came about and in prayer, I was able to go through it-- then go to a Joel and Carly's wedding reception. Saturday was great, stared the day out slow as I slept in, then hung out with, a really great friend, Jared.

I've been seeing how God works within my days and how He's been a comfort for me. I've seen Him lead me through difficult days, sometimes at work, sometimes just in the heat of the day... I'm blessed to have such great friends and such a great girlfriend, I'm blessed to have such an awesome job and co-workers. So the past few weeks have been amazing.

Joel and Carly Poindexter's Wedding

Joel and Carly's wedding reception was great, I was Em's date, or otherwise noted in the placement card as "Emily Winter and guest." That day, I came into work thirty minutes early and worked through lunch to leave an hour early to meet up with Em and leave for the wedding early. It was simple, somewhat planned, and we had directions... what could go wrong?

Well, we got lost.

We were somewhat expecting to get lost as we both know that each of us are somewhat directionally challenged so we alloted around thirty minutes for getting lost; and as much as I like getting detoured (yes, it's a euphemism), I don't particularly like getting detoured when I need to get somewhere. At that time, I just thought to myself, we'll get there when we need to be there. Then my thoughts shifted to "this is a good friend of Em's, we need to get there," there was also this lingering sense of nervousness driving Em's car. I prayed. Then I felt her holding my hand and it was okay. I started thinking to myself again that God is in control and I felt humbled by it.

We walked around seven miles away from the location. She was anxious at first but it was okay. It was good. I can say that I felt blessed to be in that car with such an amazing person. A few minutes later after searching for the place on foot, we get back into the car, she called her dad and Aaron Green called me to give me directions. That was a blessing in itself, Aaron was giving us hints and directions to where it was and Em was listening to her father giving her similar directional advice.

So we drove on Camino Capistrano, seven miles1 or so... and we were there... at the reception; then I realized I had a great trip, and we had fun.

In other interesting news...

Co-Project 80's pictures are up:

Co-Project 80's Dance Party 2009

{1I did notice the "seven miles"... I just thank God for it.}


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  1. That night was really a blessing in so many ways, even if we did miss the wedding. We got there when we God needed us to get there. I'm thankful you were driving (and not me), and I'm thankful I was in the car with you. Of all people, you're my favorite one to get lost with.


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