Thursday, August 20, 2009

Never So Far Away

Never So Far Away

So tonight was amazing for me. One of my dear friends, Les, had recently moved to Chicago, in pursuit of life. In much more a sense of adventure to grow in, and an adventure to be challenged of. It was great catching up, as he was able to be on video chat, we were able to converse for hours on end- just talking about life. I really appreciate the kind of friendships I have with these awesome men. I've learned and grown much from their company, I've fellowshipped with them and we usually end up pointing ourselves back to God.

Right There.

Les is coming back soon in September 8th to visit; I really can't wait to see him. I am really amazed at how well that form of communication worked. It was almost as if he was never really far away. In our conversation, I didn't have much to mention except my wonderful girlfriend, as she's been a great blessing to me. I have to admit, I do know that they're already a bit irritated about it... but, it was definitely something that needed to be said and something I need to be held accounted for... even in all the "cheesyness."

So, I am thankful for such great brothers in my life.

Every one of them has been reading more, and I am think to myself, "maybe I should read also." Reading novels or poetry, just never really interested me that much, but this is a great opportunity to facilitate growth in that area. I've been longing to finish a book called "Color: The History of the Palette" by Victoria Finlay, I've read it twice, halfway through. I could just never really finish it because of impatience. I think... I know, now would be a great time to pursue that book and it's knowledge. In any case, I'm somewhat looking forward to this and maybe I'll dedicate time for this.


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