Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Building Houses so People Can Build Homes


Habitat for Humanity build in August 2007

So, that time of the year has come around again. Three 8hr days of an opportunity to serve. Our college ministry is trying to push this agenda of service in the community. Wednesday through Friday this week, we'll be working on a few homes in Fullerton. It's encouraging for me to know that there's movement within this body of believers.

I remember both years I've been privileged to serve there the past two summers (2007 & 2008), I felt as if I was serving with my body and mind as a whole. It was hot, the sun's heat beats down on you as you're trying to work carefully, hitting nails, building frames, building walls, cutting wood... then the sudden relief of a cooling breeze comes on the sweat of your brow. I remember a hopeful spirit within me as I was working with great people, all toward one cause for good and knowingly in glory of God.

This is all good. I can't wait to hear the stories.


Habitat for Humanity

Here's our build team, from left to right: Drew, Bob, Sam, Jon, Jason, Tony, Dan, Brooke, Matt, Cami, and Courtney. I met up with them and their early morning, "it's too early," faces... this was around 7:20am- so believe me, we all had the same face. After praying, they proceeded to the work site, I went grocery shopping for water and some fruits for this morning. I was there as Bob, the foreman, gave them a briefing on the work site and what they had ahead of them. I hung around for a bit and listened in; took a few pictures and then I left.

Pray for safety and fun for them today. I was not able to stay and work with them. But as I'm sitting here at work in this comfortably air conditioned room, compiling and deploying stuff, they'll be in Fullerton hammering nails, building things... I wish I was there with them.

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