Sunday, August 9, 2009

Broom ball

Ice Broom Ball

Tonight was fun... broomball and all. 42 People in one photograph wasn't something I was expecting. I just had a feeling that it'd be a good thing to bring a tripod.

About the game, it was the college ministry against the post-college ministry. I was a traitor as I joined the post college ministry without a second thought. I was also glad as Justin, Matt, and another person decided to join me on the "dark side." (As post college group needed more people.) The game got cold and exciting, as we battled to get a silly blue ball into one of the goal nets.

Three days later, the college group scored a goal! It wasn't exactly three days, more like forty five minutes to an hour, I just want to emphasize how long it took. The energy was high as the post-college group was fierce and on fire, a few minutes later, they also had scored a goal! If we weren't so nice, we would have started a riot in the rink. I'm kidding, overall, it was a great game. Good night.


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