Sunday, August 23, 2009

80's Party, Heck Yeah!

Em and I at the 80's Party

Last night, the Co-Project had a fundraiser party. The theme this year was "80's Dance Party." I can't really tell you how much fun it was; great music, great food, great people-- I mean, even Les was there via Skype! It was a party to experience, most of all if you like rad dancing.

Les at the Party!

In any case, I just finished cataloging 318 pictures; made sure there weren't any doubles or so... every now and again, the camera names pictures the same name, so every now and again I have to append an alternate number to a few photos. I'll be working on these photos for the next few days and uploading them to both Picasa and Facebook.

We, at "Co-" would like to thank everyone who came, you guys made the party so fun! For those who brought food- that was really delightful! For those who bought raffle tickets for prizes (specially one awesome lady who bought 50 of them), your donation means a lot and goes far... to the amazing DJs that kept the party freakin', rad and kickin'- you guys rock! For everyone who had a great time, let's try to do this again next year.

We really trust that God will provide for the ministry, in our small efforts like this, we hope that you're aware of the impact a few dollars went. So really, thank you all, from the sides of our hearts, I guess I speak for myself- the bottom of my heart is reserved, we hope you had a great time.

Sometimes I ask myself...

... Why do we have so much fun... and sometimes I get answers like theese:

  • To create an opportunity to ask for help and rely on God's providence
  • Create awareness about the Co-Project and homelessness
  • Be able to raise funds and support for the ministry
  • To take a breath from life, even just for a few hours and have some dancing fun.

So, for now; I'll be going to bed. I still have a bit of work to do with those photographs... but hopefully most of them came out nice.

p.s. {I really like my girlfriend, and really, I don't care who knows it. :-) }

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