Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Partial Portfolio is Up

Great, 12 pieces up. There are still a few things that need to be done and scanned. I'll get some photos up soon.

Firefox 3

Firefox 3 has been finally been released, so if you haven't, go and get your copy. It's blazing fast, not only that, bookmarks are way easier to use!

Debugs and Updating

I've de-bugged many things that were happening in Internet Explorer, so if you're still having problems, leave me a comment. Within the next few weeks, I'll be updating some things with the layout and more! Watch out.

Uploaded and Setting Up

I'm sifting through scraps of work that I've done throughout the past seven years. It's a bit daunting because I have many of the pieces scattered around my hard disk. This would probably be a good time to consolidate and back them up to my network drive.

Each piece is being set up to fit my online specs. I still need to look into making my site available for handheld devices like the Blackberry and iPhone. Everything on this site is XHTML 1.0 compliant so is the CSS.

Anyway, a few more hours of work to go.

Stochastic Memory is Up!

I've been working on this day and night, making sure everything works, making sure I was able to fix major and minor bugs with the site... it's been a long road with over 48hrs clocked, it's finally done!

It has been an exciting experience to be able to do this again. I haven't designed a portfolio website thoroughly since 2004. I'm still a little rusty but I'll keep on making improvements with the design of this site, and the addition of new artwork and portfolio pieces.

So, for now, here it is... take a look at my stochastic memory.